Koha is a fully-featured award winning, Open-Source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) under GPL V3 or later. With a complete Web-based, Multi-lingual OPAC, Koha comes with comprehensive functionality with advanced options.

Features Of Koha:

                         Right-Digital-Art-300x300   Web-Based Interface.

                         Right-Digital-Art-300x300   Full Text Searching.

                         Right-Digital-Art-300x300   Google Jacket.

                         Right-Digital-Art-300x300  Net-Cataloguing via Z39.50.

                         Right-Digital-Art-300x300 Real time Auto-Indexing

                         Right-Digital-Art-300x300  Marc 21

                         Right-Digital-Art-300x300  ZEBRA Search Engine

                    Right-Digital-Art-300x300  Virtual Book Shelf.

                     Right-Digital-Art-300x300  Bar-Code.

                      Right-Digital-Art-300x300  RFID Compatibility.

                      Right-Digital-Art-300x300  Flexible reporting.

                      Right-Digital-Art-300x300 Branch Libraries Management.

                      Right-Digital-Art-300x300  Online reservation.

                      Right-Digital-Art-300x300  Multi-lingual Support(Unicode).


Download Koha Manual